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Meet  the  artists

Each of our artists are the backbone of Joy House. They make our job possible. We invite you to join their journey, hear their story, and support their cause. 


Seth Truitt

Seth is a bright, joyful young man who loves life. He was blessed with the gift of having Down Syndrome, and he shares his joy with everyone he knows. He has always loved drawing and writing personal cards to give to people, so we decided to share his talents with all of you! All items are written in his handwriting and all artwork is his own.


Seth lives in the Joy House, which is his own home that his parents built for him on their five acres in Colorado. Thanks for helping us spreading Seth's joy with us! 


Little  Big  Dog  Treats

Little Big Dog Treats, LLC was formed to provide a meaningful career for our daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. It was the result of her love of dogs, mom’s love of baking, and our shared desire to do something together that we both enjoy.


The ingredients we use in making our dog treats are simple. These include fresh, whole, real human grade food. We love keeping it local by sourcing ingredients, packaging and artisans locally whenever possible. With love we handmake our all natural dog treats in small batches.


Furnace  Hills  Coffee

Our coffee is roasted in the Furnace Hills of Maryland by Erin Baldwin who is developmentally disabled (Down syndrome). The vision of Furnace Hills Coffee® is to employ developmentally disabled people in competitive jobs while providing high quality product that keep customers coming back.

We use fluid bed coffee roasters manufactured by Sonofresco because we believe you get a brighter tasting coffee with the fluid bed technology, and it’s easy for people with developmental disabilities to use them. Our customers tell us our coffee tastes great!

Hunter Senior.png

Hunter's  Hope  Soaps

Hunter was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a gentle, kind, sweet soul with an amazing sense of humor. Hunter is also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is developmentally disabled. 

During the 2016 Christmas season, Hunter's family was creating homemade soap and sugar scrub gifts. Hunter jumped right in to help, choosing the colors and scents of the soaps and scrubs. He measured ingredients, poured the soap into molds and saw his creations come to life.

Hunter, Dawn and Amber have been building Hunter's Hope Soaps for almost 4 years now. It is truly a labor of love. They are continually creating, experimenting, and formulating new products and recipes. It has grown from a hobby, to a small business. Hunter and his group of friends enjoy “Soap Making Saturdays”, which focus on daily living skills and foster long-lasting friendships.


Isaac's  Pens

Hello my name is Isaac Bocock, I have cerebral palsy. I’m 33 years old and I was diagnosed at birth.  

I’ve had jobs in the past, but nothing worked out like it should have. Fast forward to 2016, I married my high school sweetheart. 

In 2020 I found the Joy House journey story on facebook. I make pen and pencil sets out of wood and acrylic. I look forward to working with Joy House. God has opened up opportunities for me! God bless, Isaac

Isaac’s Pens are uniquely crafted! He hand turns everything he makes on his lathe and does very intricate work to install the inner parts of this pens, pencils, and wine stoppers. 


Allie  Art

allie artTM is the colorful creation of Allie Guard, a young woman with Down Syndrome from Cincinnati who is drawn to the magic of color. Using colored pencils, she fills intricate patterns with bright hues to create graphic landscapes, each with unique qualities of movement and emotion. After completing a design, the artwork is either framed for display, turned into wearable art in jewelry and accessories. Allie's mother, Sharon, helps her in the process. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to elicit smiles.​​


masterpiece  Quilts

Meet Emily, the designer of Masterpiece Quilts, who is also blessed with Down Syndrome.

Needing a vocation after graduation, Emily’s mom Brenda stumbled upon an idea to help Emily have a hope and a future. Thus, Masterpiece Quilts was born! 

Every quilt is designed by Emily. She irons all the prairie points (on those quilts that have them), helps sew each square and then each row together (with a tiny bit of help from mom), and simles at the completion of each quilt top! Brenda finishes the quilt like a framer for the artist’s work. Since they started in 2008, they have added more items to their inventory: tote bags, mug rugs, and travel jewelry bags 

Every quilt has a square that is different than the rest. This celebrates the extra chromosome that Emily was so lovingly given. We challenge you to take time and find the extra square in any quilt you examine. Have fun! 


Highland  Chocolates

Highland Chocolates is owned and operated by Partners In Progress, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) vocational agency and is located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. Partners In Progress “PIP” empowers people with disabilities to succeed.

Highland Chocolates currently employs 4 staff members and 12 Individuals with disabilities. Highland Chocolates’ products are made fresh daily using only the finest ingredients. Let us be your source for irresistibly sweet snacks and premium chocolate gifts for all occasions.


The Bee Community

In October 2017, The BEE Community was founded with a single purpose: to create a community for everyone to experience the dignity that comes from employment.  

By the grace of God, The BEE Community opened its doors in the fall of 2018 offering an innovative work community that provides a sense of belonging and respect for adults of all ability levels. The BEE Community collaborates with local experts to create quality goods to sell locally and online. We believe that every individual is made in the image of God and therefore has dignity, worth, and the divine design to work and contribute. 


Debra  Noel

Debra Noel’s art contains one-of-a-kind pieces. It often has an unfinished, imperfect quirky look to it. In a piece, she may use a variety of mediums and supplies, as well as reusable items like envelopes, old Christmas cards, and even things like food labels. This homespun creativity comes from the belief that we are all imperfect; and yet, there is beauty in all of us. 


Decades ago, I was shot and paralyzed by a little three-year-old boy. He found a gun in a home, where I was visiting and pulled the trigger. Without knowledge of the gun, I was standing in the kitchen talking with friends. The bullet flew from that gun and hit my back. It severed my spinal column. Now, I am a writer, artist and an advocate in my community. Oh yes, I get around with the use of my wheelchair, but it doesn’t define me. I care about education, transportation and the needs of the disenfranchised. I live a life practicing equality, respect and kindness. A choice- because it always comes down to that- can change the world. The proceeds from my work supports these nonprofits: Via Mobility Services, Friends of the Longmont Senior Center, Community Food Share, Cultivate and Crossroads School. Thank you for supporting my dream.


April's  Cottage  Soaps

April's Cottage Soaps by April, started as the dream of an entrepreneurial artist with Down Syndrome. After spending many years in art classes, she decided to make her hobby her business. As the craft business grew, April discovered a love of glycerin crafted soap making and painting. This fun process allows her to use her love of color and art to create a useful, beautiful product that everyone enjoys. . April has naturally dry sensitive skin that was always itchy. After using her own glycerin soaps, she no longer had itchy skin. Every soap has naturally moisturizing ingredients and herbal fragrances. Some have honey, Shea butter, or goat's milk. Many of the herbs are harvested from April's own garden. April loves her soaps (she has five in her bath and shower). Even Wizard Weaslay-the mascot, has his own doggy bar. We welcome custom orders and would be delighted to create something special for your event. We hope you enjoy visiting the shop and are looking forward to seeing you at an Ohio craft show.


Kelderman  Klassy  Glass

KK Glass is short for Kelderman Klassy Glass. Kailin Kelderman is a fused glass artist in Reno, Nevada.  Born with Down syndrome in 1994, she has always had a good eye for color and design.  Fused glass was a good media for her to explore.  Now, with the assistance of her family, she makes beautiful fused glass pendants & earrings and much more.  

In May 2017, KK graduated from the Path to Independence program at the University of Nevada Reno. She lives on her own and has a studio in the home of her parents.

KK Glass has recently expanded its products to include fun wine bottle creations.  

Untitled-2 copy.jpg

Duke's  Delites

Duke’s Delites is a Lehigh Valley, PA healthy dog treats company that employs young adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Your donation/purchase helps employ young adults with different abilities. Your dog will love you for them!

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We founded ScentsAbility in 2009, based on a mutual love for our daughters (Jessica & Lexy) with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Today, we have a team of young adults, all with I/DD , working hard to create beautifully crafted, scented candles. 


Your purchase lights the path to independence for our special Artisans. 


Our mission is to provide a workplace environment where we focus on the abilities of individuals with I/DD to create beautiful artisan scented products. 

Phyllis Lass.jpg

Snuffle  Mats

This is Phyllis Lass.  She has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a rare genetic disorder that causes loss of sight and progresses with age. She was diagnosed when she was a child. By age 24, she no longer passed a vision test for a driver’s license. She grew up and raised her family in Iowa. In 2016, she and her husband moved off the Iowa farm to Colorado to be closer their daughter. In the last couple of years, the RP took a rapid turn and she now has very little sight left. While frustrating at times, she has adapted and keeps a positive outlook.  


Last fall, her granddog broke a toe.   We discovered Snuffle Mats as a way to provide mental stimulation when she couldn’t get her walks. We also found a way for Phyllis to make them and she enjoys her new craft. Her daughter brings supplies and Phyllis ties.


Doggy  Delights

Allison loves all things kitchen! Her love of food and cooking started during a 2-year span when she could not eat or drink by mouth due to numerous health issues.  Surprisingly, watching cooking shows was one activity that got her through that tough period. 

Doggy Delights is a perfect business for Allison because she can spend time in the kitchen producing the treats. She uses her organizational skills in preparing orders for the treats and doing the business end of things. Promoting her business and selling the treats gets her out into the community meeting people and their dogs. 

Matthew with sauces no background copy.p

matthew's  Bonfire  BBQ

Having Down syndrome has never stopped me from pursuing my passion of using food and fire to bring people together. I like to think I’ve been spicing up life for my family and friends since birth and it’s time to spread the love.

The life-changing experiences of going to college at Western Carolina University and training at the award-winning Haywood Smokehouse have inspired me to launch Matthew’s Bonfire BBQ. When you taste the sauce I hope you feel love, warmth, and comfort - just like being around a bonfire. 


Flavors that make a difference!

Matthew has a burning passion about Disability Awareness and expanding opportunities for all. A portion of the proceeds goes to the UP Program at Matthew’s alma mater and Ruby’s 

Rainbow which supports individuals 

with Down syndrome.


Sparkles   By  Maxine

Maxine is a 24 year old young woman with Down syndrome that loves fashion and sparkles. Born and raised in Florida. Maxine has loved sparkles all her life, especially disco balls, sapphires and of course diamonds! Maxine has always worn headbands. But, one day when she was about 8 years old, a gem fell off the headband she was wearing. She really like that headband, so she took out a glue gun and fixed the gem back in place.

Suddenly she saw the vision of her future. She started making all her own headbands, and would put sparkles she found on everything. With the power of a glue gun and and gems, an entrepreneur and Sparkles by Maxine was born.

Maxine says, being owner of Sparkles by Maxine is wonderful because I love seeing wear my headbands and hair clips and be happy. Also, it's good for people to see a lady boss. I love selling my headbands and clips because when you sparkle, you feel fun.

Thank you for supporting me.


Peaceful  Fruits

Peaceful Fruits is a certified B Corps, dedicated to producing delicious fruit snacks out of nothing but fruit. Our snacks are made by adults with disabilities as part of a full-wage jobs partnership with our non-profit partner, The Blick Center. Our team has grown from folks helping to stick shipping labels to now being involved in every step of production - and we are so proud of the love and dedication they put into their work everyday. You can taste the difference.

Natalie Olson Photo.png

My name is Natalie Olson. I was diagnosed with ADD and Depression when I was in early elementary school. When in middle school I was diagnosed with high functioning Aspbergers/Autism. These diagnoses have presented me with difficulties at times, but I have worked hard to turn these challenges into a positive driving force in my life with the support of my friends and family. In January of 2021, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start my own small business, SplashBathCo LLC, which features a full line of high-quality affordable personal bath products for everyone to enjoy. During my first year in business, I made hundreds of bath bombs, did 15 craft shows, and created my website and social media pages from scratch. This year I am very excited to continue to be growing and I hope you will come along on the journey with me!

Splash  Bath  Co

Sophia at NDSS Gala in DC.jpeg


Sophia is a young lady with a passion for art, dancing, music, family, friends, and fun. She also happens to have Down syndrome. Before Sophia was born, she was diagnosed with very severe heart defects — and was born literally with half a heart. She needed two open-heart surgeries before she was two years old. Despite several subsequent surgeries and other medical challenges, she's an active and strong teen. She has grown to become a self-advocate, involved and engaged in the community. But it is art that has become a favorite way to express herself. Through camps and classes around Fredericksburg and at Libertytown Arts Workshop, she has worked in Chinese watercolor painting, pencil sketching, and pottery. She brings an infectious sense of joy, humor, and exuberance to her art and to her life.  To share her artwork with the world, we created Sophiola, where customers can experience joy through her unique products .  

Network news affiliates in Washington, DC (NBC) and Richmond (CBS) have profiled Sophia and her art. In 2013, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation chose her to walk the runway as a model for their Gala in Washington, DC. In 2016, the National Down Syndrome Society chose her as one of many people with Down syndrome whose photos appear in its video to kick off the national Buddy Walk in New York City.  

blake hi res_edited.png

Blake Henkel

Blake Henkel is an artist from North Carolina who happens to have autism.  He has been painting since he was 12 years old.  He enjoys painting with bright and unexpected colors. While he often paints landscapes and flowers he really likes to capture animals on canvas by selecting interesting views and angles. Blake is an only child and he lives in an apartment in his parents basement where he enjoys having his own space. He enjoys selling his artwork which is reproduced onto different gift items such as note cards, ornaments, prints, cosmetic bags, calendars, magnets and much more. He helps with the sale of his merchandise and is getting very good at fulfilling orders and shipping.  Blake likes to give back to his community where he volunteers daily at various food banks. Along with his daily volunteering, Blake stays active with three art classes a week, working out at the gym daily and participating with Special Olympics and therapeutic horseback riding. 

IMG_5336 copy.jpg


I was born in my Boulder home, the youngest of 4 children. My mother is Priscilla and my late father is Murl. I'm an aunt to my sister Alexa's 4 children, my brother Calder's 4 children and the best "chica" to my other brother Murl IV! I love sports (especially golf, where I'm the gold medal Special Olympics Unified player) and music (especially Christian and Country). I was surrounded by my family’s home business, Boofers Cotton Clothing, all my life. When I got old enough, I helped bring rolls of fabric to the cutter, carry the cut squares to the seamstress, helped fold the surged blankets, took pictures for our brochure, cut & tied the ribbons to hold the price tags & the brochures on the rolled up duo of blankets, counted the sets, helped make lists and helped do whatever else was needed. I hope you and your children love the blankets! God bless, Lacey

DH group shot (blue bg).jpg

Dance  Happy  Designs

We are three friends on a mission to empower others and celebrate differences. At Dance Happy Designs, we handcraft textile products, which are screenprinted with our original hand-cut patterns and sewn in our studio outside of Philadelphia, PA. With a focus on refined playfulness, the patterns have an organic and delightful nature to them — and our products speak volumes to the partnership behind them. We hope our products make you Dance Happy! 

- Julia, Emily, and Liv


Purely  Patrick

Patrick was born 3 1/2 months premature. As he grew, so did his list of diagnosis, but we soon learned to look past those and see Patrick for who he is.  Patrick has used "switches" to control his environment for a long time.  He has one switch that controls his music, another that turns on his fan and another that runs his blender. As an Occupational Therapist, I was constantly thinking "what could Patrick do vocationally, with his switches?"  And then it came to me that he could make layered jars of cookies, soups, etc., using his "pouring switch".  And thus, Purely Patrick was born. Patrick truly is a cheerful soul, who always has a song in his heart (and is always literally singing!). He is our "ambassador to life" and brings a smile to all who meet him!


Candidly  Kind

Candidly Kind brings to life original inspiring artwork by Grace Key, a 23 year old artist and entrepreneur with Down syndrome.

Founded March 21, 2018, Grace’s clothing line has quickly grown and being sold worldwide. The Candidly Kind mission is to spread light, love and acceptance through Grace’s life and designs. A big part of that is giving back. To date, candidly kind has donated over $55,000 to charity. Most of the charitable organizations we support focus on helping people with disabilities reach their full potential.

Grace hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. With a little support and lots of love anything is possible.


mt. Lebanon Soap Co.

Mt Lebanon Soap Company is a small, family run business, established to support Summer Csernica, an adorable girl with Down Syndrome. We handcraft artisan soap in eco-friendly packaging with the proceeds being set aside for Summer's future. Mt Lebanon Soap Company intends to teach Summer life and work skills as she grows up. For now, Summer loves to jump on the trampoline, dance tirelessly, create mischief with her little brother, and take baths using her soap of course. 



Steamers Prep Kitchen opened in early 2014 with the purpose of providing employment and training in a safe environment to people of differing abilities. Jack’s was outgrowing it’s little kitchen, and we found that we had the capabilities of employing more people with developmental disabilities, but we didn’t have the space! With a lot of elbow grease and help from a fundraising campaign, we were able to build a commercial kitchen directly across the street from Jack’s and Steamers Coffeehouse — aptly named Steamers Prep Kitchen.


Da  Bombs  By  morgan

Morgan started DaBombs by Morgan, where she hand crafts bath bombs and bath salts, in various colors and scents. 


I am a 21 year old graduate from Lewisburg High School in Olive Branch, MS. I have Down Syndrome but that does not stop or define me. I am very active in Special Olympics, competitive cheer, Best Buddies and I love music. I decided I needed to make my own money so I could attend my favorite concerts. I got to meet Blake Shelton and my goal is to meet many more. In 2 weeks I have earned enough to buy Pit Passes to see Miranda Lambert, Thomas Rhett, and Kelsea Ballerini (hoping to meet all of them too). I enter every beauty pageant I find and have held the title of Mississippi Miss Amazing Jr Teen and currently Teen, I am Beautiful (Delta Fair), Miss LHS Congeniality and was on Homecoming Court 2 years in Middle School and voted to be on ballet in high school. See the abilities not the disability. It may take me a minute longer but I can do all things I set my mind to. Thanks for supporting my dreams.

Layer 2.png

mo & Co

Owen was born in California and moved to Longmont, Colorado at age 7, shortly after being diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS. Instead of effectively recognizing and fighting infections, PANDAS/PANS causes the body to turn against itself, resulting in sudden-onset OCD, anxiety, tics, over sensitivity, and many other challenges. 

There was little understanding of PANDAS/PANS in the medical community at the time of Owen’s diagnosis, and a conclusive diagnosis only came after an exhausting 4 years of medical appointments. Thankfully, much more is known about PANDAS/PANS today, which means more timely diagnosis and treatment for countless kids.

Owen launched Mo & Co Soaps in the Summer of 2021 with his best buddy, Mikie, who struggles with ADHD. Juniors in high school, Owen and Mikie sought to create a product with their own hands. The result is a great quality, hand-crafted soap that smells fantastic and works to promote good in the world. Your purchase truly makes a difference, as Mo & Co donates a portion of the sales from every bar.  

Thank you for supporting Mo & Co Soaps! 


Trista's  Sunshine  Co

Trista Kutcher is a 31 year-old living with Down Syndrome.

She is the founder of Trista’s Sunshine Company. Started in 2019 as a new hobby sewing dog bandanas, gift bags, and ornaments, Trista’s talents quickly grew into a business model that lives both online and in stores. In addition to the bandanas and ornaments, the Sunshine Company product line has grown to include tote bags, beach bags, Charleston fabric baskets, headbands, scrunchies, bowties, and baby burping cloths among many other items. 


Trista comes from a long line of “going for gold” – in fact she won 2 gold medals for gymnastics at the Special Olympics World Games in Dublin, Ireland in 2003 at the age of 13, tried out and earned a position on her high school cheerleading squad with the sixth highest qualifying score. In 2010 Trista graduated high school and continued to work hard as a pre school classroom assistant, movie theater usher and barista. 


From a young age Trista found ways to brighten people’s days whether it was showing major spunk in her gymnastics and dance classes at 4, playing pranks on family members in her teens, and even writing individual notes to each of her customers  at a coffee shop in her 20’s. It was at that coffee shop where her instagram account @TristatheBarista was born – now with over 50k followers. Trista’s main message is that she wants everyone to “be someone’s sunshine” and spread happiness and now she can do that through her love and talent as a sewing artist and business owner. 


Sweet  Heat  Jams

Nolan, who has down syndrome, is the creator of TEXAS SWEET HEAT JAM COMPANY! A hot market innovation comprised of his own homegrown peppers and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise. His hot pepper jelly is a result of years of practice and parental attention paid to his talent and special interest in gardening and cooking. Today he sells his unique recipe jelly at many HEB locations, community events, online and through his Facebook network to become recognized as a very special businessman. In 2014 he was a finalist in the HEB Quest for Texas Best. Everyone wants to try Texas Sweet Heat Jams, and this makes him the epitome of success in the competitive jelly-making industry. He and his team make over 13 different flavors and even started creating a signature Mustard! This team just loves being in a jam!

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Jonathan  "JT"  Tillman

Hello, my name is Jonathan “JT” Tillman. I own a business called JT’s Fire, where we sell hand-made candles. Ever since I can remember I have loved candles. I love the way they brighten a room and make everything a little better. I hope the candles I make bring you joy.


JT is an adult living with multiple disabilities. Through years of hard work with his mother and family by his side he has overcome countless obstacles. Starting his own business has been a dream come true, thank you for your support!


Shemesh  Farms 

ShemeshFarms is an initiative of Shalom Institute located in Malibu. Shalom Institute enriches Jewish life, ensures the Jewish future, and makes the world a better place through transformative experiences. We began our social enterprise, ShemeshFarms, around eight years ago because there was a need, and still a need, for young adults with diverse abilities and special needs to find community, friendship, purpose and meaningful work once they age out of the school system. Our enterprise began with 5 Farm Fellows, young adults with diverse abilities, who were hired by ShemeshFarms to work on site at Shalom Institute and build a social enterprise together. We knew that we wanted our enterprise to involve having the Farm Fellows work in tandem with our farm and create a product that we could sell at local Farmers Markets.

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