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This book is the story of our founder, Marla Truitt, and her dad, Bill Stewart (Seth's grandpa), who passed in 2021. He was a huge influence and supporter of Joy House. All proceeds of his book will support Joy House's mission.


Product Details

ISBN: 9780970576439

Publisher/Vendor: Pamela Stewart Publications

Author/Contributor: Pamela Stewart

Binding: Paperback


The Life of Billy Herman Stewart

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend Teacher, Instructor, Missionary, Founder of Church Plant Program, Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Bill Stewart is known for his love of people. When you were with him, you had his undivided attention. His journey from farmer to preacher tells of his spiritual growth as he passionately studied the Word of God and visualized how he could reach the most people with the Gospel. Written by the one who knew him best, his wife, Pamela Stewart.


About the Author

Pamela Stewart, the wife of Bill Stewart, takes us inside their exciting life together: their personal life, their ministries, and their travels. She worked alongside her husband in raising a family (one son and three daughters), in helping to grow a church in Iowa, in working for the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver where they both held several positions, and in planting churches. She is the author of another book, Evangelistic Women -- A Study of Women's Ministries.

One Man's Journey: A Life Well Lived

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